WordPress suggested I make up some interesting stuff about me and put it here. Not sure there is anything real interesting about me to put up. You see, I initially signed up to WordPress – not to blog as such but more to keep a record of my SOTA Activations as many other fellow amateurs are doing…but I suppose it is blogging! You see, my main hobby is Ham Radio or Amateur Radio to be more correct and it is an awesome hobby. It’s not just about talking on a radio although I do a fair bit of that but it has many and varied facets and I doubt I will ever live long enough to try them all. But one of the beaut things about ham radio is that thru SOTA (Summits on the Air) I can combine a number of my passions all in one. That is navigation, 4WD and ham radio – brilliant. Anyway, Google Summits on the Air and you will see what that’s about. But briefly its operating a portable radio station from the top of a particular hill where you have had to carry everything yourself to the spot ..so you cant quite drive there and operate from the car. The navigation? well these days its so easy to either use a turn by turn navigator and get around a city but Des Newman created Ozi Explorer plus heaps of other little addons and so if you want to navigate anywhere but a city either walking, driving or by boat then that program is for you. I love it! And finally, 4WDriving. Nothing much to say about that other than this interest can take you places you only ever see on Docco’s on the telly! Anyway – I hope you enjoy reading about my little excursions – I enjoy writing them up.

Very quickly, I was born in 1952, I am married and have family. I am currently licensed by the ACMA as VK2YW and have had a ham radio license since 1974. Did I tell you its an awesome hobby? Just Google it!



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